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Caller Name is the top app for identifying and blocking unknown incoming numbers. It works like a mobile phone number tracker, powerful Dialer and SMS blocker tool.

App Features

Call Blocker

Caller blocker allows you to block unwanted calls such as telemarketers, spam callers, fraud, etc. You can easily manage your white pages and blacklist.

Contacts & Call log

You can view the detailed area location and service operator name of your friends or colleagues in the contacts and recent call logs.

Search offline

You can look up the phone number ISD code without an internet connection. P.S. Internet connection is required to show location on Google Maps.

How It Work?

Simple, Easy to use, anyone can easily find caller location using this application.

All your contacts location sorted by Caller Name.

All Calls details by Locations in those locations are displayed sorted by City or State.

Call logs displayed by Call Time including Call Location.

Searching can be more easily and find the location of a mobile phone by City or State.

Easily Search ISD and STD Number Code for various countries.

Caller Name & Location application is totally free and very useful too.

Mobile Number Tracker service will enable you to search for a number of any country, details of the caller may vary from country to country.

Best and helpful mobile address tracker for everyone to must have in android device.

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